This is just a temporary webpage for now; I may rebuild the full site one of these days if it's necessary.

In the meantime I'm busy with the usual things in life!

I have my day-job (same one since 2002 - working as a programmer/analyst for an ancillary insurance company). I play drums with a couple of different groups (various styles) on the side. Before we disbanded, I was the drummer (and webmaster) for the alt-rock group Sleep Recital.

Our album was released on iTunes, Amazon, etc. But now it's free for download! Info here: human hair uk

I also run Travis Orbin's website (one of the very best drummers alive, and just a really cool dude).

Special note to prevent further emails: human hair extensions uk
Yes, for about four years (up until March 2015) I also ran both of Mike Mangini's websites ( and But please note that I can no longer help you in regards to Mike's learning products. And unfortunately I cannot provide you with his contact info other than saying you can try his Facebook page.

You'll find Orbin's site to be FULL of rich content (educational and just for going "WOW"), as he's a tremendous, generous guy to run a website for and to be a fan of:

In the meantime, you can still contact me at

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